Planning begins – HE

Books to hand, maps, halfmile maps, blogs of others who have done the route, Cicerone guide – planning begins.


Are we slow or fast walkers?

How many days will it take?

What will be our daily mileage?

How may resupplies will be needed?

What will the weather be like?

Should we tent or tarp?

How much will it cost?

Do we take ZERO (rest) days?

Where do you start planning a mega trip like this? Research.  Sorting the wheat from the chaff on the internet takes skill and thought.

We emptied the attic and shed of kit, to see what we have (and for the first time in my life weighed it all). Made lists of the kit we need and added those items to the Christmas list!

After a long evening with coffee in hand we have come up with the following rules for ourselves-

Max kit load is 14-15kg (including dried food)

Use a lightweight tent (it keeps midges off and weights about the same as tarp and groundsheet)

Take a ZERO days when you are ahead of schedule

Medium pace schedule will get us to the end in approximately 152 days of walking (18th April – 25th September) at an average of 17.5 miles per day with pack, food and water.

Start training for the walk – weighted ruck sack prepared for walking

Next step is to book a flight!!!


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