A Virgin with Virgin (Atlantic) – SHE


Since my Mum & Dad flew to Orlando with Virgin and how they raved about the fabulous service, I have always dreamed of having sufficient funds (or finding a great deal) to experience Virgin Atlantic for myself. We spent all of Monday evening looking at flights. we used Skyscanner, to see what our options could be and then followed the links. WOW Airlines (Icelandic company) were an option but by the time you added on bags, food and visits to the bathroom (only kidding!), it became confusing and expensive. Virgin looked like an option as the link from Skyscanner took us to Expedia. Fantastic, less than £700 each, Cory fished out his credit card and entered our details. BANG! Just before the last ‘pay’ keystroke the price had doubled!!! We tried it repeatedly, but the same ‘heart attack inducing’ doubling of the original quote! We went directly to the Virgin website, £899, what about British Airways? The same! 3 hours later, exhausted and deflated, we gave up! No flight booked.

Refreshed after a nights sleep Cory phoned the Flight Centre, two phone calls and another short team meeting later, my dream was coming true! 2 Flights with Virgin! £1354, Fly out on the 10th of April 2017, a wee 2650 miles jaunt of a walk, fly back on my 50th Birthday (UGH!), the 4th of October 2017. SO EXCITED!!!!!!



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