Day by Day on the Pacific Crest Trail – SHE

pctbookBed Head!!!

We have now both finished another addictive PCT read. Day by day on the Pacific Crest Trail by Simon Willis.

Things that made me thing OH!

  1. How many boxes did they have?
  2. What, they freeze dried all their own vegetarian food!
  3. They didn’t use a bear canister, just a kevlar bag and YES a bear did destroy the bag!
  4. Start early then breakfast
  5. Eat dinner early then walk on and camp to avoid bear
  6. A pile of stones gathered at the tent door for pelting bears!!!
  7. He took a took 3 weeks off and still finished!
  8. Camp high and avoid the mosquitos
  9. Most Englishmen hate Trail names?!?
  10. Towns will ‘fish you in’ to luxury e.g. beds and water!!!
  11. BBC journalists seem to have lots of contacts
  12. He used a gadget for blogging before blogging existed or mobile devices existed which sent beeps down a regular phone line to report?!!?
  13. Brits used a Tarptent!
  14. Smartwoold socks are the future
  15. It is the unwritten laws of the universe that the women makes up the tent (seeks shelter from mosquitos) and man fetches the water and gets eaten alive by mosquitos, phew

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