Weigh In – SHE

img_1251Last night was another gear night.

We had spent 1 hour on Thursday simply researching sleeping bags. First you look at where Cory (IML) gets discount and from this list, shorten it down to whether the company makes sleeping bags, then narrow it down to the properties of the sleeping bag, it has to be sufficient for -11’c (desert and Sierras), then we look at the weight of the sleeping bag, where every gram counts.  Next it was the discount offered to see where we could get the best deal. The one company we don’t get a discount with are Cumulus, a company from Poland which is a shame as their product looks good and a great euro price!

We have a short list of PHD, RAB and Terranova. Even with the discount we are looking at around £300+ for a sleeping bag!!!!!

Last night we pulled out all the gear we had and played the weighing game. E.g. our current sleeping bags are 2kg, these new fangled bells and whistles sleeping bags are 1kg. 1kg less on my back for 2650 miles will be significant. Thus 100gram savings on weight here and there will make all the difference.

We are looking at Osprey Rucksacks too for the same reason. My current Alpine Lowe rucksack weight more than my Panda Bear Car!

We have a choice of three stoves. The Jetboil, The Back Country Boiler, or the gas canister stove top. Jetboil plus points, we won’t need a pot, minus points we can only rehydrate food and not ‘cook’ food. The other two systems need a pot thus we could both rehydrate and cook food. Our current pot, just 1 pot, is 200 grams, the MSR super light über sexy titanium pot system is 272 grams with lids and handle. Only problem is we don’t own a super sexy titanium pot system… yet.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.


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