Caterpillar Cinders will go to the ball – SHE


The first of many über light purchases. RAB sleeping bags!  Ok we had a shortlist from PHD, Terranova, RAB and Cumulus. The first three, Cory my resident IML gets a Mountain Leader discount with these companies. Cumulus, well just because I liked them, I had read quite a few reviews and blogs and they are an ‘upandcoming’ company from Poland and the prices were great.

However…RAB won. The decision was based on, almost everything else being equal, price! RRP £380, I paid £250, woo hoo!

Say “Hello” to the Neutrino 600.


I will grown up to be a Peacock butterfly 🙂

Downfilled, 1015 grammes (1kg less than our current 600 down bag), pertex outer and inner…”Neutrino 600 is a light-weight, minimalist down-filled sleeping bag, designed for light-weight end uses, where warmth-to-weight is a prime concern.”. Comfort -2″c, extreme -26″c (lets hope it doesn’t come to that!).

Got a pair of arrival shoes too from a sneaky wee visit to Decathlon!


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