Ich Leibe adidas !!!!!! – SHE

I lived in Deutschland for 14 years and my last and favourite job was at adidas! Adidas HQ is in Herzogenaurach and I could cycle to work on my old Granny Bike or drive the Amazing Remandys-minid Mini with the union flag on the roof, although that was a bit cheeky for a fitness freak as Adi Dassler Platz was less the a mile…ok, less than 1/2 a mile from my house in Am Rahmberg.

Ok so we are about to walk the Pacific Crest Trail and excellent quality gear is what we require. The joke at adidas is that you get a adidas trefoil stamped on your butt when you work there and you remain brand loyal.

Of course I had to see if adidas would be wonderfully kind enough to sponsor our adventure! 

I had sent a letter, before Christmas time, to one of my old adidas bosses. Roland Auschel, Roland is now as we say in Scots a ‘high heid yin’ at adidas. Roland is on the executive board and hopefully he would remember me….?

Letter sent and tick tock I heard nothing. I know it isn’t easy for post to end up in the right hands. One of my first jobs was Personal Assistance to the VP of Adidas EMEA Retail and I was the filter-er. Thus perhaps the post hadn’t made it into the hands of Roland?

Thus not yet detered I decided on the more, hopefully, direct route of a Linkedin message, we were ‘connected’ on Linkedin and thus perhaps there was a better chance getting past any Schäferhunde who were filtering the mail aka. begging letters.

trefoilThat was a few weeks ago and again I didn’t get a response and was just wondering if I should try a different tactic. Yet I  really wanted to be ‘sponsored by adidas’ it had to match my trefoil tattoo!

In the Highlands, different rules apply, the postie comes in the backdoor and drops of the mail, whether you are there or not, whether he needs a signature or not! I came downstairs for lunch and there is a big Karton sitting in the kitchen. Not for me I reason! And head off to collect the duck and chicken eggs… on returning to the parcel I inspect it further looking for the name. Is it for me? Cory? Tracy at the lighthouse?

Rush Klamotten is typed onto the box!

Well, I dashed for the scissors and started slashing the tape and the transport wrapping. Oh MY GOODNESS!!!!!

Adidas Klamotten = Adidas Clothes

Down Jackets, goretex jackets, trousers, goretex boots, shorts and even a sports bra! There high performance Terrex range!

Meine Gutte!!!!!!! My heart was pumping, the smile on my face nearly cracked it open and I needed to tell someone, so of course I phoned my mum. Burst out the story to mum, then had to disconnect as I couldn’t wait to burst open the plastic wrappings and touch and feel the amazing new gear!

Ich bin total begeistert! Vielen Dank Adidas und Vielen Herzlichen Dank Roland!





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