Flying the Coop – SHE

I have just returned from a lovely holiday with my mum, some quality time together before we disappear for 6 months. We visited amazing places, including Santorinni, The Wailing Wall and Bethlehem and enjoyed unseasonably hot weather. My weather research let me down, I had 3 cashmere jumpers and only one pair of ‘kick about shorts!’ I now have a lovely T-shirt tan 🙂

The 5 Weasley Sisters are away to their foster mum and dad, Julia and Fred (a huge thank you), Argyll and Sutherland are away to Uncle Conor (a huge thank you to Conor),

We now have to pack Oran Mara, our life, our home and all my stuff into the office (yes I will be having a huge clear out when I come back, if I can live in one pair of shorts and one pair of trousers for 6 months, surely I don’t need scores of trousers, shoes, jackets etc. at home).  The first holiday rental of our home is on Saturday the 8th! We are being kicked out our house early so lots of scrubbing and cleaning to look forward to this week. Then thanks to Margot and Andy we have digs in Gairloch on Friday night before the bus on Saturday morning.

Getting to Los Angeles will be an amazing feat of organization never mind walking the PCT. Melvaig to Gairloch, 7th of April (don’t know how yet) on Friday, over night in Gairloch, bus early Saturday morning from Gairloch to Inverness, overnight in Inverness, Inverness to London, Flight the 9th of April, overnight in London, Fly to Los Angeles on the 10th of April!

How would have thought it could be so difficult to leave Wester Ross!


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