Visa and AT&T SIM

Arrived at last. It’s been over a year of working done we made the decision to walk the PCT so to finally arrive in the USA is wonderful. 
Heathrow to LA via Seattle worked well. And as Seattle being a relatively small airport the immigration guys were great. Hardest part being Mandy struggling to have her thumb prints recognised by the fingerprint machine. Problem solved with some grease from my forehead. 

Walked through Inglewood this morning meeting some of the street residents, lots of people in doorways and with their home in a Trolley. 

Walked to AT&T to purchase a USA SIM card and now we are set up to let everyone know we are around. 

On Greyhound to Mexico now for a few days R@R before the walk begins. On way through San Diego it was interesting to see the tented villages!


2 thoughts on “Visa and AT&T SIM

  1. It’s so exciting….cant wait to hear all about it. Have been following your blogs and telling everyone at school about it. Have a lovely relaxing time in Mexico before the BIG WALK….
    Kirsty & Mick x


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