Bed Hopping Hippie (zombie) – SHE

One bra! I’ve only brought one bra! A sports bra and now that I’ve realised this well, all I can do is save it for The Big Walk. I’m a hippie for the next week. And every morning I wake up I wonder where I am and where’s the loo. Glad I’m not a man or I’d have already accidentally peed in the cupboard by now!
Melvaig to Gairloch. Bed 1. Gairloch to inverness. Bed 2. Inverness to Lun-dun. Bed 3. London to LA. Bed 4. LA to Tijuana. Bed 4. Tijuana to Guerrero Negro. Bed 5. What a hussy! I’m ‘almost’ looking forward to the stability of my tent.

I know you shouldn’t get jet-lag traveling West but I’ve now got my own theory. We have went so Far West that my body believes we went East. I have to wake up at 3am for my morning ‘ablutions’. And then I can’t can’t can’t get back to sleep. I’m a Bed Hopping Hippie Zombie!

When we finally got to LA after a huge day, arriving at the hotel 4am Melvaig Time and having been cleverly ripped off by the grumpy cab driver of $20( what do you mean your meter isn’t working?) We were guided around,by the receptionist, to another hotel without any clear explanation (we thought it was their sister hotel) and told to check in there.

We hadn’t slept on the two flights and we were the walking dead. At the new hotel we found out that our original hotel was ‘full’ and they could give us a room, for more money, of course!! We grumped and growled (naturally) then gave in, paid up and crawled into our bed. I’ve ‘rotten reviewed’ the Century Inn LAX on Tripadvisor and were great, refunding us the dollar rip off price difference. The blighters had had the cheek to cancel our booking, after we arrived, claiming our credit card hadn’t worked.

We were up and at it early the next day, mission for the day? AT&T for the US SIM card and breakie.

We walked along the early morning palm tree lined boulevard in Inglewood and counted 4 homeless people in our first 100 metres! We would encounter many many more. 

After recharging our tummies and being outside AT&T, bouncing on their doorstep for the 9am door opening, we were ready to get to Mexico.

We bought some bus tokens from a nice guy on Welfare at the bus stop. $1 each instead for $1.75 a fare. Our now, fluent in American English, iPhone was our compass as we navigated the hour long bus journeys and stops to the Greyhound bus. 

Only $25 to get from LA to Tijuana Airport. Mexico here we come….


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