The first 20 minutes in the boat you hold on tight as the boat bounces out of the initial bay and then the captain slowed down before we really started turning green.

Within 5 minutes of being bounced and splashed in the choppy waters a beautiful grey whale breached right beside our boat!!!!

Grey Whales = tick:-)

But there was so much more to come!!!

Most of the whale tour companies have already closed there doors as the season is at an end but there are some mums still waiting in the bay for their calves to get strong enough to start the long dangerous journey to Alaska.

We were blessed again and again and again with many whale sightings. Then at the very end one curious mum and baby came to our boats for a better look at us.

They either come right out of the water to look or turn on their sides to get a good look(due to the position of their eyes). Our whales did both!

Mira! Lo vista? Ballenas!


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