The Wall – SHE

The Greyhound bus was great. Wee Fee onboard and empty. We headed south through LA and suburbs and passed villages of tented homeless in San Diego and headed towards La Frontera.

At the US side we arrived at the bus station and the driver announced something mas Rapido in Spanish and everyone got off! What’s going on? We finally realised we had to get onto the little bus to get over the border. (Micro-bus!)

The US side of the border was SO busy. Lots and lots of people thronging around and the queue of traffic trying to get out of America was huge. Nose to bumper. The sheer volume of traffic staggering. There was a trickle of cars filtering through the other side.

The Americans don’t mind if you leave and the only, very friendly, immigration was on the Mexican side for us.

On arrival at Tijuana Airport we loaded up our packs onto our burro backs and started walk the mile and a half to our Aerpuerto Hotel (needed to get some Garmin steps in).

For dinner we wanted Tacos. We headed out to the Open air, busy with locals, Taco kiosk we had seen earlier and the Del Boy Spanish hilarity began.

Now when I left Central America in 2011 my Spanish, all be it present perfect tense Spanish, was great! Now it turns out it can only be described as grim!

The cooks were in fits of laughter trying to describe what the Taco Toppings were. I could order the Tacos, our drinks, understand basic questions but I had no idea what we are being fed.

We ended up with three staff members playing charades with us, as they established with ‘moo’ imagine two fingers being held upright attached to a forehead. ‘Oink’ and curling tail dances, the basics of what we are eating. We turned into the ‘white pets’. The boss started giving us freebee Tacos and Tostadas to try. We had a ball!

There is a wall at the border.

Clearly not a wall all the way. Not Yet! When we picked up our hire car the next day we could clearly see the border driving out of there city. The old fence, rotten and corroded. The new fence, White and gleaming. In Mexico there are building right up against the wall in Tijuana. On the US side there is an area of green ‘no man’s land’.

Let the Mexican Whale Hunt begin!


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