No hay ballenas! No Whales! Loreto, MX – SHE

Part two of the viaje in Mexico was the hunt for blue whales. This drive was only five hours with great roads and more spectacular scenery.

190ks before Loreto and after our coffee break, Cory has been looking out for a Pemex (petrol station). He knew I would freak so didn’t tell me. We had passed wee pueblos in the no-mans land (no telegraph poles national park) where people were selling Gasolina from the back of their trucks. However the entrepreneurs had dried up! 

He gave in when the car read only 10km of petrol. “Mmm. Mandy I might need your help with something.  We have about 30+ ks to go and only 10ks of petrol. We need to stop at the next shack we see and ask for gas”. 

Cue ‘mandy freak out’! Next little adobe house shack we see we stop. I run in and ask the little niña, she called her mum. “No hay!” How far?4km she says. This turned out to be the next military checkpoint. 

After the usual, where have you come from? Where are you going to? Vacation? I asked for help with finding petrol. Nope they didn’t have any. Cory showed him the dashboard. With a big sympathetic sigh and shrug of the shoulders he waved us on with an ‘Adelante’ =Welcome/ on you go!

Argh! 24 to go. Cory was coasting down hills…. anyway we made it.  And the usual bus situation happened. Three at once! 

Baja California is lovely. Amazing landscapes and so diverse. The desert was in bloom too so a fantastic time for our road trip. Cory   Ended up as the designated driver. The roads varied massively from ‘skateboard’ perfection to ‘washed out chassis breakers’. We didn’t want to be driving at night so we were under pressure from Tijuana to Guerrero Negro but less pressure for the 5 hours to Loreto ( well except for the petrol pressure)! We were concerned about potential crime but we only have lovely things to Say about Baja and it’s people. We went through numerous military and policia check points with only one boot search.

There weren’t a lot of foreigners around in Baja. Just plenty of Mexicans on holiday for Santa Semana. People were lovely, friendly and always ready with a smile. 

Our road trip fuel was tortillas with avocado, refried beans, fresh cheese (quesso fresco) or atun ! I created them on my lap and force fed the driver 🙂 Yum!

No blue whales in Loreto. What a shame (Que Pena!). So we signed up for a half day trip To Isla Coronado where we had heard there was a chance to see blue footed boobies. 

The boobies were indeed ‘out for the boys!!‘ and just as spectacular was the 50+ pod of shy and tiny (compared to our native population) bottlenosed dolphins. We watched and delighted in them for over an hour. Amazing.

We ❤️ Baja!


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