Road Trip – SHE (17 April 17)

Driving north from San Quintin to Tijuana. Woke up by Cory before 5:30am in order to leave before Mexico awoke on Easter Monday. The drive was pretty smooth and we reached Tijuana is about 4 hours with our own entertainment!

Dropped off the hire car and Thrifty car hire kindly offered to drop us off at the Frontera. We walked to the border expecting hour long queues. Nope it took all of 5 minutes for US immigration!!!!

Cory had even shaved for the event!!

Bus 905 to the Trolley bus and blue line. Blue line to Barrio Logan where we have booked another ‘bed big enough for four’ at the Travellodge! (Just as well with our current diet plan!!)

Where can we eat? (We hadn’t had beans since of tortilla bean breakfast).  People come from all over to eat Mexican food at a place just down the street you’ll know your in ther right place from the queue out of the door!

(Las Cuatro Milpas if you are ever in San Diego!)

Sure enough queue out the door and for $15 our feast was secured. More burpy bottom beans and we headed for Walmart to buy 8 days of food. 3 for our first part of our walk and 5 days for the one and only box which we will have food in. Total cost of Walmart shop? Just under $100 (including mammoth papaya and yoghurt for tea!).

We have bought smash, noodles, muesli, powdered milk, salami, sausage, ‘cat food type packs ‘ of tuna, tortillas, just add water instant porridge, peanuts, trail mix, clif bars, nature valley bars, biscuits, oxo cubes  and instant coffee. Mhmm just as well we have 4 stone to loose between us! I’ve got more blubber on me than the whales we’ve been chasing with my Mental-pause and HRT 🙂


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