First impressions – HE

Just arriving at Idyllwild. Eleven days and approx. 160 miles into the trek. No major injuries or dramas. 

Writing this blog from the Paradise Cafe. Just walked 7 miles to get here for breakfast at 9am and someone is sitting outside playing a bit of jazz!! 

Reflections on the first 11 days. Southern California is hot. The desert is hot. But what did we expect. Good for the base tan!

The good news is that since it rained this winter to break the five year drought the desert is in bloom. Cactuses look amazing and lots of snakes ( only one rattlesnake so far). Plenty of birds but when we stop in the heat of the day they have gone to sleep. Lots of hummingbirds, vultures, titmice and more. Keeping a list on my Nat Geo Bird App.

Not enjoying being part of the ‘herd’ on America’s premier Wilderness Walk, but it’s now starting to spread out and we have some avoidance tactics now too. Not as much phoo and paper as expected which is great. 

Everyone is lovely and polite yes mam, yes sir. Everyone has time for hikers and a story to tell but when your walking sometimes it’s hard to stop and chat! 


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