The Biggest Hearts and Wings of Frodo and Scout -She

Frodo and Scout are amazing Trail Angels. They host,each night, up to 24 hikers before they start the Trail. I still can’t figure out whether Scout was the gentlemen and Frodo the lady or vice versa!!

They have hiked the PCT, and want to give something back. (They are retired and Frodo/Scout? was a lawyer in his former life and also on the PCT board). The night we stayed they had 40+ Hikers, most in huge tents outside, the living room floor, there garage and ‘then luck of the rushies’ we were blessed with a double bed in the house. They have a packing station set up in their garage with boxes and tape, they shake down packs, hiker boxes ( stuff that people have decided to ditch -we gained a brand new platypus). They feed you amazing food each meal time, snacks available throughout the day, lifts to the shops and PO with their fellow trail angels staying with them to help.
It was breathtaking their generosity! Computer, printer, you name it or think of it it was available. And it was all free!!!!
What hearts!
At dinner (stacks of pizza sponsored by another TA and gorgeous salad and garlic bread and cupcakes with butter icing) they did their little pep talk and speech.
At 5am, those leaving had to be up and be quiet. Their neighbours in their quiet cul-de-sac, they wanted to retain as friends and those not leaving should be allowed to sleep. So up, pack, loo, rucksack outside by 5:20. Breakfast and then into the 7+ of the Vehicle convoy driven by other trail angels. Slick!!
Did I sleep? Kind of, excitement, fear, wanting to ensure I got one last poo in a loo;-)
Mule Stomper, our 72 year old TA driver squeezed seven off us into his huge car and we were off. 2 Israelis, 1 USA, 1 German, 1 Danish and us. Endlich, Listo after a quick photo and word in the trail register we were off!!


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