It’s (s)now plan! – SHE

The drought is over in California due to record snow falls this year. Which means record snows in the Sierras and the passes are covered with tens of metres of snow!

We’ve had a few plans to deal with this. If Cory was walking alone, well he would just keep walking….However he’s walking with (scaredy pants) Rushy!

Plan A. Start walking and hope the snow has melted by the time we get there.

When we realised the snow would still be meters deep….

Plan B. Get off the trail at Bakersfield, flip flop to Ashland and walk south.

We hear from Cory’s American friends and with research that the snows are still very deep in the Sierras and beyond and walking SOBO (south bound) will make no difference to the snow we will encounter. The snow is serious and only for those with experience and the correct equipment, confidence and competence. (Not me on both counts).

Plan C.  To hire a car for a day to get to Ashland was $200+ dollars. To hire a car for 3 weeks $600+ dollars. Let’s tour the national parks! Sequoia, Yosemite, Pinnacles NP ( condors), Death Valley, Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon with a visit to Monterey Bay ( sea otters and whales) and San Francisco (run the Golden Gate Bridge!).

What an awesome plan. Just one more week to our National Park tour and by the time we rejoin the trail the snows should have melted quite a bit.

That beats sitting in Kennedy Meadows with a few hundred hikers for 3 weeks.

Shiptom wrote his plans on a cigarette box…we use a pizza box 🙂


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