Section One complete – HE

Five weeks of walking and over 650 miles in, we now have our walking legs on covering about 20 miles a day, with the longest day being 27 miles. Weather in general has been hot, hot, hot. Apart from the storm that we had near Big Bear Lake.

Scenery has been wonderful. Desert, forest, mountain and much more altitude gain and loss than I was expecting. We seem to have crossed every mountain range in Southern California!

Water has been in short supply but much better than other years. So that has helped us.

Plenty of opportunities to get off trail for resupply which again has been good. Some wonderful water cashes and Trail Angels along the way.

Food on trail has been surprisingly good, loads of mashed potatoes and noodles. Suplemented by biscuits, oatbars etc.

We have managed to stay away from the herd fairly well. Must be getting old!

Plenty of wildlife. Flowers of the desert to vultures and rattlesnakes. Plus our first bear footptints. 

Section 2 of the hike is looming – the High Sierras! There is still loads of snow in the High Sierras so we have decided to break from the trail for a couple of weeks to let more snow melt before continuing on.


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