Trail names fun and games! – SHE

Scout, Frodo, Mulestomper, Tin Man, Captain Bubbles, Speak Up, Ned the Navigator, White Pirate,100lbs, Easy, Vertigo, Strapless and the list goes on…Trail names are often easier to remember than regular names!
Cory doesn’t want a Trail Names which of course doesn’t mean I haven’t tried a few on him to see if they fit.
There are those he already answers too…Spiridion (from The Corfu trail) , Indiana (Jones), Patagonia and now the new names.

Translator (big cook in disguise): when my Scottish tongue results in blank looks luckily enough I brought a ‘translator’.

Slave Driver: 6am and we aren’t up and on the trail 🙂 a minimum of 2 hrs walking before I get breakfast! (Ok it was my idea to have breakfast at 8am with a few miles under our belt. It somehow morphed into 2hrs of walking before first food!)

Wallace (me) & Gromit( Cory): self explanatory.

Jeeves and Wooster: as above!

Two Tshirts: when it’s cold Cory starts with both his Tshirts on and strips off when it hits up.

Y para mi?

Two-Tokens: in Idylwild one 4 minute shower isn’t enough for Princess Mandy.

Sugar-Rushy: the sugar propelled hiking after trail magic where Cory had to jog to keep up with me.
Radagast: 2 weeks of not washing my hair and I’m convinced sparrows and Dormice have started nesting in my hair!

Hedge-backwards: my hair, if its lucky gets combed at night and put back into my Heidi pleats. By the morning I’m already disheveled and tousled. Every morning, to Cory, I’m Hedge-Backwards!

Little Miss Run Up The Mountain: muesli fuelled pace, usually with other hikers behind me! Again I’m so Fast then when I stop for a drink I nearly keel over. ( I can’t maintain it and yet don’t know I’m doing it)

Little Miss Can’t Run Up The Mountain: the two hours of walking before first breakfast.

Princess Rushy: I hate smelling! The same T-shirt for 7 days. Walking and sleeping, non stop sweating in it! I can wet wipe or maybe even flannel wash but the stink of the T-shirt nearly knocks me out!!! I spend hours in a hotel shower/ bath/shower, I fantasise about plumbing and flushing toilets, soap! Shampoo! Conditioner! I’m always sticky. Its horrid. First stop anywhere is the restroom for a soap and water, glorious wash!

Heidi: pigtails n German

Ivor the Engine: snot engine


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