Snow update from Vegas!- SHE

I know. We are walking the Pacific Crest Trail so what are we doing in Las Vegas? (Cheap room after Utah National Parks).

What does it mean 200% more snow than an average year? Sonora pass is part of the trail. Can you imagine what the conditions are like in the wilderness based on the photo above?

We have walked over 650+miles of the PCT in Southern California. Next we were about to enter into the high Sierras but the snow remains. The unusual winter meant we were blessed with water, where for decades there had been none! This meant we had to carry a lot less water in the desert. At the most 4 or 5 litres (still heavy but it could have been a lot worse).

We had to decide what to do about the Big Scary Mountains (Mandy), Beautiful Winter Mountains (Cory). We decided to give the snow some time to melt and have hired a car, bought the National Park Annual Pass (The America The Beautiful Pass) and went exploring ‘wild’ America.

It has been fantastic!

We are still sleeping in our wee tent 90% of the time, wild camping. We use a website called Campendium to find free camp sites. (When we try to get a pitch in a park they have always been full!).

Our diet has improved again (which means we have put on all the weight we lost) and I’m considerably cleaner, less horrifically smelly, our feet are getting ‘soft’ again. All our work to toughen them up eroded. They will be hammered when we resume hiking!
We have visited,among many more, Yosemite, Sequoia, Bryce, Zion National Parks and the wildlife and scenery has been amazing! We have also seen Otters and whales in Monterey Bay. We have crammed a lot into our ‘weeks off’ the day job 🙂

The Pacific Crest Trail is proving challenging for those who have tried to press on. Indeed the PCT Facebook pages we are members of show that a lot of those attempting the High Sierra at the moment are bailing out due to them conditions being too treacherous (often mentioning ‘scared shitless’) for them!

The river crossings with the snow melt are treacherous, not to mention the snow and ice, on the mountain passes of this section which are between 8000 to 12000 feet. I would hate it and be absolutely terrified.

Where as Cory (a professional and an International Mountain Leader) is experienced and competent in such conditions and indeed loves snowy mountains. I most certainly do not! 

The Facebook link above will give you an idea of the snow melt! If it works!?

Above is Forrester Pass at the moment. It is a mountaineering experience…

This is more of what Mandy had in mind for her PCT …:-)

We have had and are having this wonderful opportunity to see the wildlife, parks and other areas of western America we didn’t think we would get an opportunity to enjoy!
We don’t have the funds for hotels but every few days we get a cheap room with clean sheets and plumbing. It is wonderful!

I look forward to resuming my hike when conditions are right for me. I want to enjoy my experience and not be terrified at every step.

Satellite photo shows that the snow melt (or lack of it) is very slow. As you would expect with 200% more snow than the average year!

We made (for me) a wise choice…


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