Pacific Crisp Trail

The Southern California Section of the Pacific Crest Trail is beautiful. I guess my initial surprise was that the ‘desert’ could be so high and have so much life in it.

I though the desert area would be further into the trail, more near the Mojave and that it would be low lying.  This was certainly not the case.  The desert areas we walked through were never simply sand and no vegetation. Instead it was full of flora and because of the drought breaking rains and snow, the desert was stunning. Bursting with life and greenery. The Likes of which have probably not been seen for decades due to the Super Bloom.

It wasn’t just the cacti which were in bloom but the array of wild flowers was amazing. From tiny flowers the size of half a 5pence piece, to lovely poppies and yucca. It was breathtaking. We were, however, normally to tired (hot, sticky, ‘in the zone’) to fumble for our iDevices and take a photo.

Click here for amazing photos of the California Super Bloom 2017 – this will give you an idea of what we were walking through at times. 

What also surprised us was the amount of Burn area. Where wild fires had swept through the area. Many species of plants and trees of Southern California rely on fire to propagate and fires occur naturally but so much of the PCT seems to be a Burn area.

These sections are horrible! Horrible to look at and horrible to walk through. There is no shade and there are no tree or plant roots holding the earth on the land. This makes them very slippy.  Burn areas, where there is nothing left. Are heart breaking.

We started to wonder if there was a correlation between the burn area and the PCT. Was it no surprise that so much of the PCT was a Super Burn area? Were hikers responsible for these Super Burns rather than nature? If you looked at the PCT from space would it be a big black line of sooty burn? Should it be renamed the Pacific Crisp Trail?

In fact we have renamed the PCT quite a few times.

My particular favourite was Cory’s moment of dyslexia. The TCP πŸ™‚ Do you remember the antiseptic liquid of your childhood, dabbed onto your cut knee?

We played with what TCP could stand for… Terribly Circuitous Path! Sounds incredibly British!

View the Super Bloom from Space – click on the link below.


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