In the Footsteps of Wild? What do I have to do to earn “Wild” status? – SHE

Cheryl Strayed walked 1055 miles (the PCT is 2650ish) , she didn’t start at the start! I never noticed that when I read her book, I guess I didn’t know enough about the PCT at the time. She started at Tehachapi Pass, about 40 days into our walk!

Despite just getting on the trail at Tehachapi, she got off the trail at Lone Pine, as the snow on the Sierra’s was bad. I don’t think it was a 200% more than normal year but she didn’t feel competent enough to continue.

strayed map.pngShe then bounced onward to Sierra City next and then got back onto the trail and finished at the Bridge of the Gods between Cascade Locks, Oregon, and Washington state. Not the final end of the hike in Canada.

I have already walked 650 official PCT miles and I too will be skipping the high Sierra due to the big snow year and now the treacherous creek crossings.

So now my hike has turned into something of a “Wild’ Adventure.I now only have to walk another 450 miles of the PCT to earn ‘Wild’ Status….

I am frustrated I have had to skip the Sierras but I would have been risking my life and Cory’s patience and sanity!

I still intend to walk to Canada Inshallah!



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