Oregon son of Aragon!

Cory had 7 days in the Big Scary Mountains and determined that the creek crossings (sometimes 5 feet deep of swift, white water) were simply too dangerous. He got off the High Sierra and has now made it to Truckee where I have been waiting for him. (Courtesy of wonderful Paula and Jack). 
We can see from the PCT facebook page that 100s of people have either skipped the Sierra entirely or gave it a go and decided after a few days, that it was simply too dangerous. 

So what are we to do? It’s not any better further north at present! It’s either very deep snow or worse, impassable raging creeks!

Meet the Oregon Coast Trail! 

382 coastal miles!  We will still be walking to Canada, up through Oregon, just on the coast. 

Then, conditions permitting, we can get back on the PCT at the Bridge of the Gods, and walk through Washington and into Canada! 

Then best laid plans of mice and men…:-) 

 ( we are now on plan C) 


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