Volume control – we didn’t get that lesson ( A little Observation) – SHE

Cultural differences of course we are bound to encounter them but there seems to have been a lesson which we were not a-party too!

Of course, for the most part, people are hiking the trail alone. They will make friends as they walk. There are also the occasional couples but regardless of this, we missed the voice projection requirement of the PCT.
A hiker will come into a campsite, we may be about a 100 metres away and ‘boom‘ they start to speak. You would be able to hear them way back in Campo. Everyone has a story, we all know that, but the need to ensure that their Grand-mama can hear it way back in Missouri, without using the phone or skype, what is that all about, what need is there which I don’t understand?
I can understand people’s need to connect, chat and bond, get their words in for the day. Men (2000), Women (10000) but the need for the Sonic Bomb, Blast, to broadcast the story far and wide, it is so strange to me. Or are 90% of those walking the PCT hard of hearing? Decided not to wear their hearing aids?
It does seem to be nationality specific for the most part too. Americans, Canadias, not Brits, older Germans no, younger Germans maybe, especially if they speak with American accents! (A years education in America perhaps?!)


I find, when I talk, I am shocked at my volume. I sound like I am whispering.

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