The Perfect Goonie Family (4 celebrations and a pipe band! Much more fun that 4 Weddings & a Funeral) – SHE

One of my favourite all time kids movies. The Goonies and little did I know it was set in Oregon. Astoria to be precise which is indeed a real town and the huge rock in the sea used as part of the map to One Eyed Willies clue, is Haystack Rock which we will pass enroute while walking the Oregon Coastal Trail. The Marsh family are the main (lovely) characters of the movie.

Let me introduce to you Paula and Jack Marsh. The real life Marsh Family. This couple and their family have huge hearts. They met Cory when he was their guide during a Boundless Journeys holiday in Scotland and kindly offered their angel wings as we hiked the PCT.

When Cory ventured into the High Sierra, Paula and Jack offered me the refuge of their beautiful home in Folsom and their ‘cabin’ in Truckee.

A complete stranger to the family I turned up on their doorstep, all smelly and hot after a 5+ hour, triple digit temperature, greyhound bus ride from hell, into the midst of the families Fathers Day BBQ and pool party. (Celebration 1). A few days later, they kindly gave me the use of their gorgeous ‘cabin’ in Truckee and the use of their trusty Sequoia.

While Cory climbed the High Sierra and swam the wild creeks, I explored Truckee and tried to keep up my walking regime. In the meantime, Paula and Jack became Grandparents again to Baby Lincoln (celebration 2) and earlier than expected Cory came off the mountains due to the treacherous creek crossings.

We visited Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe (Vikings Holm) and (now a local myself) I gave Cory a guided tour of Historic Truckee and Doner Park with it’s sad story of the Doner Party.

We had a lovely walk and lunch with Jeanette, another amazing Trail Angel from Cory’s National Geographic guiding life. We explored the old Railway Tunnels together, built by the Chinese immigrants.

Paula and Jack (Juniper meow and Tucker woof) arrived in Truckee, laden with food and heaps of kindness. Giant steaks, wild salmon and Paula’s secret recipe waffles (your secret is safe with us!).

Even their friends opened their homes and hearts to us. We had a wonderful meal with Jan and Rick, with numerous bears stories and ‘bear not welcome’ electric mats πŸ™‚

We enjoyed a ‘small town’s’ real Fourth of July celebrations. (Celebration 3). We were in downtown Truckee at 8am to get our deck chairs out (almost too late! Cory reckoned the Germans had been down at midnight :-). and then off to the Fire Department for their 4th of July Pancake Breakfast (think lots of squirty cream and super tasty sausages) . The parade was fantastic fun and I had a tear in my eye when I heard the pipes playing.

I felt Remarkably underdressed! For my next 4th of July parade I’ll make sure I’m ‘red, white and blued up’, with sequins and face paints!

Then home to the cabin to chill and watch The Goonies (again) in preparation for the OCT. Paula and Jack (and their now grown kids) nearly know all the lines of the movie !

We went to Lake Tahoe at night for the fireworks and Paula once more ensured our tummies were fit to burst with a gorgeous picnic feast. As we all sat under the showering starlight and tracers of the fireworks, their friends nephew proposed to his girlfriend. Thankfully there was a ‘yes’ and another big sparkly dancing light on her finger followed by champagne and brownies all round! (Celebration 4!)


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Goonie Family (4 celebrations and a pipe band! Much more fun that 4 Weddings & a Funeral) – SHE

  1. From the Goonies family We had great fun with the two of you. Glad we made the He & She Blog. We enjoy all your posts . love the bit about coated with sand and trespassing on farmers lands with guns. I don’t think they will shoot you but watch out for the pot growers – they might.

    Travel safe Paula

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