The Strength to Make The ‘right’ decision! – SHE

Walking the Pacific Crest Trail was our original goal. I was more ‘relaxed’ in my definition of my ‘adventure’ to get from Mexico to Canada, preferably by ‘foot power’.

We have avidly followed the PCT Facebook pages, received updates from the internet and our Californian and Oregon friends. Primarily we were watching the record snow fall, then the lack of snow melt and of course when things did start to slowly melt, our attention widened to ‘creek crossings’.

It sounds quite benign doesn’t it? Creek Crossing. It sounds like a hop, skip and jump with butterflies and dragon flies sparkling in the sunlight, along with Huckleberry Finn.

The reality could not be more different!
Raging torrents, 2+ meters in depth, the force hurling huge tree trunks, boulders and debris.

I decided to skip the Sierras after various plans to ‘flip flop’ and come back and hike then later proved not feasible.

Cory, with his decades of mountaineering and white water experience, decided to hike the high Sierra. As we know 7 days into that adventure, he had the courage to make a hard decision and get off the trail. The reason for his departure? Not the snow but the creek crossings! One slip in the wilderness is all it takes and the conditions this year with 200% more snow = 200% more snow melt = treacherous!

We made the right decision for us! I’ve ‘Walked My Wild’. 🙂

Pacific Crest Trail and now the Oregon Coast Trail.

Mountain Rescue Services have been overwhelmed. We know of two+ deaths already on the trail. These have NOT been reported on the Officially PCT page!

Our Adventure continues. We continue to head North.

We are enjoying our Pacific West Travels!


Only the unofficial PCT Class of 2017 Facebook page mentions the deaths. Thus there will be more serious incidents which aren’t being collated.

R.I.P. Strawberry, Tree & Marvin 💕


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