British Columbia

What we thought would be the end of the adventure and our hiking days! Welcome to Canada!

Of course due to the snow, the creek crossings, the wildfires, the tree fall and the deaths on the Pacific Crest Trail, we haven’t entered Canada ‘on foot’ the way we expected.  We entered Canada by Greyhound bus, spent a few days in Vancouver and get ready for another sort of Trail. The Powell River Canoe Trail!

Paddling the Powell River Canoe Trail – SHE

Welcome to Canada! 

We spent two days in Canada after braving the wildfires of Washington and the torture of a Greyhound bus with no air conditioning (again) on our trip from Portland to Vancouver. We arrived safely in the ‘dodgy’ end of town and check into our ‘not so cheap’ and extremely hot hostel!

After filling out stomachs on too much wonderful Chinese food (we were right beside China town) and surviving the ‘Mad Max Apocalypse now area’ after dark and a beautiful morning exploring….(click to read more)


Watch our 2 videos or our magical six days while paddling the Powell River Canoe Trail


Canada, more specifically, British Columbia (BC) is where the trail ends after 2650 miles of trekking. We had hoped to complete the walk in around 152 days of continuous walking.

Arriving in Vancover should have been the end of the hike but it wasn’t the end of our adventures. We have walked over 700+ miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, 390 miles of the Oregon Coast Trail and now paddled the 50+ kilometers of the Powell River Canoe Trail and what a magical time it has been!