Oregon – Oregon Coast Trail

Deaths on the Pacific Crest Trail due to ferocious and clearly deadly creek crossings resulted in Cory cutting the Northern California section of the PCT short. After some fun in Truckee we decide to keep heading North, by foot.  There are wild fires on the Oregon PCT, another reason why we head for the coast to walk the Oregon Coast Trail.

Oregon son of Aragon!

Cory had 7 days in the Big Scary Mountains and determined that the creek crossings (sometimes 5 feet deep of swift, white water) were simply too dangerous. He got off the High Sierra …….













Oregon Coastal Trail Day 1 and Day 2. – First Impressions Do Count 

We arrived at Brookings late in the evening after an early start in Folsom. We headed straight out of town to Harris State Park ( yes named after a Scotsman). There were no camping spaces left so….




Southern Section of the Oregon Coastal Trail (Day 3-7)

My feet are sore. How quickly I’ve lost my PCT conditioning despite my efforts to maintain. Walking on the hard shoulder of the 101 doesn’t help. 

We had a lovely start this morning up and over Cape Sebastian, having sipped our tea in the tent watching the Osprey repeatedly fly over with all manner of fish…


Week 2. The Oregon Trail. North to South to avoid the horrid North Easterly

Having got off the trail at Coos Bay and caught a bus to lovely June and Wallys, we then hired a car and travelled north.

This allowed us to explore some of the north’s state and national parks before resuming our OCT walking south!…

Week 3 -Oregon Coast Trail

Hiker Biker campsite with lockers and USB chargers. Awesome. Cory also found a tiny bottle of Pantene, joy of joys, I have clean hair. First time in about 9 days!

In Oregon the preferred greeting seems to be “Howdy“,…


The Perfect Goonie Family (4 celebrations and a pipe band! Much more fun that 4 Weddings & a Funeral).

One of my favourite all time kids movies. The Goonies and little did I know it was set in Oregon. Astoria to be precise which is indeed a real town and the huge rock in the sea used as part of the map to One Eyed Willies clue, is Haystack Rock which we will pass enroute while walking the Oregon Coastal Trail. The Marsh family are the main (lovely) characters of the movie…