Applying for our Non-Immigrant Visa in London – SHE


Step 1 of preparation? We needed a visa. No plans could be made, tickets bought, maps poured over, debates about timing, sleeping bag weights and footwear until we had a visa. Everyone said,”Oh that will be a formality”, but with 3 years experience in Germany of working at the US Visa Information Service, covering the Embassy in Ireland, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, I knew different.

Planning begins – HE

cicerone-guideAre we slow or fast walkers?

How many days will it take?

What will be our daily mileage?

How may resupplies will be needed?

What will the weather be like?

Should we tent or tarp?

How much will it cost?


A Virgin with Virgin (Atlantic) – SHE


I have always dreamed of having sufficient funds (or finding a great deal) to experience Virgin Atlantic for myself.




Day by Day on the Pacific Crest Trail– SHE


We have now both finished another addictive PCT read. Day by day on the Pacific Crest Trail by Simon Willis.








Weigh In – SHE


Last night was another gear night.

We had spent 1 hour on Thursday simply researching sleeping bags. First you look at where Cory (IML) gets discount and from this list, shorten it down to whether the company makes sleeping bags, then narrow it down to the properties of the sleeping bag, it has to be sufficient for -11’c (desert and Sierras)….



Cyclops’s Green Osprey – SHE

XOsprey BAGmas Eve we drove south in our red sleigh (FATCo-op Van), I led the way with my antlers and flashing nose, Cory had the reigns.

We went to Tiso’s Inverness to try on our shortlist of rucksacks…




sleepingbagimg_1340Caterpillar Cinders will go to the ball – SHE

Say “Hello” to the Neutrino 600….







Indiana Jones & Indianess Rushy – SHE

Terrific Tilley Try-on!! 

The Tilley hats are here…..

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 08.30.42

Resupply Strategy 

There is too much advice about this out there.

Packing begins!Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 07.05.01

On previous trip its been a case of grab and go.


Wettest winter ever – This is the current snow map of southern California.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 07.12.25