Southern California

Southern California

The PCT begins on a low hill near Campo, a small town near the Mexican border. It passes  through chaparral, scrub oak and the desert.

mojave-desertThis 650mile section of the PCT should take around 42 days of walking. This is the first section of the trail and will be HOT, too hot to walk in the middle of the day. Days will be slow, feet getting used to the continuous walking.  To stay safe and cool walking will be done in mornings and evenings.  Natural water is often very scarce!
The views from the trail include the Los Angeles Basin and Mojave Desert.  It crosses the San Andreas Fault and the Mojave Desert before climbing to the Sierra Nevada. The mountains of this section are bounded by faults that have been active in recent geologic time. Animals to see are  snakes, coyotes and cougars. Also hummingbirds should be spotted, gathering nectar.

Temperatures will range from below freezing at night in the desert to above 35C daytime in the desert.

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