Due to the dangerous creek crossing (and multiple deaths), forest fires and fallen trees we don’t walk Washington at all.

We visit the Bridge of the Gods after our ‘holiday in a holiday’ to Yellowstone. We are quire flabbergasted that there is a Summer Festival -Pacific Crest Trail Days on, the day we arrive. We only realise this due to trying to find a toilet and encountering all the merchandise tents and hobbling hikers.

In Washington we decide this is our opportunity to try and watch wild Orca and we travel to the San Juan islands, having spent a couple of nights in Seattle, due to logistics.



San Juan Islands – let there be Orca – SHE

On my goals for 2017, among many other wonderful dreams, is to see Orca in the wild. Yes, we have a reasonably local pod off the West Coast of Scotland but they are quite a rare sight.

After lots of research and looking at logistics we ruled out getting to Vancouver Island after finishing the Oregon Coastal Highway. Too far away and expensive to get to, as we plan to visit Yellowstone for Wolves, bear and moose and be back in Oregon for the Solar Eclipse….(click here to read blog).