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Watch videos of our adventure’s Walking and Not Walking the Pacific Crest Trail.

Mexico holiday before we start the PCT. We are trying to find Whales, Ballenas in Mexico.





























































































































































































































Day -2 Our First Walmart shop of provisions for the PCT.









































































Day 1 – Mandy at Campo!








































































Day 1 – Cory at Campo, about to start walking.







































































Day 3 – Mount Laguna





































































Day 4 – Hummingbird Hawk Moth at Rodriguez Spur





































































Day 4 – Rodriguez Spur




































































Day 5 – Blowing a Hoolie!





























































Day 6  – Amazing Water Cache































































Day 7 – Eagle Rock



































































Day 7 – The Pacific Crest Trail looks like Scotland


































































Day 8 – Warner Springs to Chihuahua Valley Road
































































Day 9 – Removing the grime at Big Boulder Campsite

























































Day 9 – Marisposa Valley (Beautiful Butterflies)
































Day 10 – Paradise Cafe (near Idyllwild)

























































Day 12 – Zinc Oxide Cream!



























































Day 14 – Mission Creek Campsite













































Day 15 – Mission Creek to Arrastre Creek and beyond


















































Day 16 – Big Bear Lake and one tenth of the walk achieved























































Day 18 & 19 – Pacific Crest Trail and our first snow

















































Day 20 – Pacific Crest Trail – hot tubs


























































Day 21 – McDonald’s on the PCT




















































Day 21 – Darn Tough sock review from the Pacific Crest Trail































Day 22. – Thank you Jane and James






















































Day 22 – Thank you Mat



























Day 22 – Leaving the Best Western and back up into the High Desert











































Day 23 – Amazing Forests above Wrightwood












































Day 23 – More amazing forest














































Day 24, 25 & 26 – Sore Feet












































Day 27 – On our way to Hiker Heaven




















































Day 28 & 29 – The Andersons, The Saufleys, Casa de Luna and filtering water









































Day 30 – The Proclaimer’s 500 miles and the old oak tree















































Day 31 – Hiker Town and the Aquaduct







































Day 32 – Pacific crest trail Trail Magic on a too hot desert day



































Day 33 – Hitchhiking and Levi 501 moment
















































 Day 35, 36, 37, 38 & 39 – 1000 kilometers and first bear tracks






























We head off the trail to allow the snow to have sometime to melt. We purchase an America The Beautiful National Park Card and start traveling by car for a while.

Day 40 & 41 – Pacific Crest Trail (weeks off to let snow melt) Pinnacles National Park



























Day 42 – Pacific Crest Trail. Henry Cowell State Park











Day 42 – Pacific Crest Trail. San Francisco (days off)

































Day 43 – Pacific Crest Trail. Monterey Bay. (Days off to allow snow melt)

The company we went on tour were Monterey Bay Whale Watch.






















































Day 44 – Driving to Yosemite
























Day 44, 45 & 46 – Yosemite in its glory





































Day 47 – Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks




























Day 48 & 49 – My first Elk!































Day 49 –  Grand Canyon National Park (days off to let the snow melt)




















Day 50 – Tuba Dinosaur Footprints


























Day 50 – Condor!































































Day 51 – Canyon lands and Arches National Park









































Day 53 – Bryce Canyon National Park and the Raven Whisperer





Day 54 – Zion National Park and the Virgin River



































Day 55 – Las Vegas and Big Elvis










Day 56 – Death Valley National Park and Ghost Town












Day 58 – Shooting Gallery in San Diego


















Day 59 – San Diego Zoo ( condors and otters)






21st of June – ?? SHE (Mandy) spends some time in Truckee, CA























Cory journeys into the High Sierra – mid June 2017















High Sierra Creek Crossings – mid June 2017








































Climbing Mount Whitney – mid June 2017





















Cory decides to leave the PCT due to the dangerous creek crossings and we have some fun in Truckee and Lake Tahoe (with the lovely Paula & Jack)!




























































Donner Summit Railroad Tunnels




After some fun in Truckee we decide to still head north to Canada by foot…on the Oregon Coast Trail. We initially start walking South to North. However after 1  week of the North Easterly Oregonian winds, we head up to Astoria and head south to ‘ join up the dots’.

Gonnies GEEK (MER) does Astoria
















Lewis & Clark appreciation in Oregon








Week 1 – Oregon Coast Trail (South to North)























Week 2 – Oregon Coast Trail (North to South)

















Week 3 – Oregon Coast Trail (The ‘middle’)















San Juan Islands- Whales ahoy…let there be Orca!








Then we have the planned ‘holiday’ in the ‘holiday’ to see Wolf, Bear and Moose!







Bison of Yellowstone



















Wolf in Yellowstone National Park and much  much more….





































And, did you know, there are Dragons in Yellowstone?



Views in Grand Teton National Park (where we finally saw Moose!)









Eclipse Apocalypse Champeog State Park






















Finally in Canada and time for a different sort of trail! One on the water.